Homecoming coronation brings community together, tugs at heart strings

Homecoming Queen, Monica Schadler with PHS Quad-Captains
Homecoming Queen, Monica Schadler with PHS Quad-Captains

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Like with most small town schools, tradition runs strong at Pocahontas High. That especially holds true for homecoming.

Same as in years past, the football team loads up on city fire trucks to kick off the homecoming parade that celebrates all things Redskin.

The homecoming maids ride through on flashy convertibles with their names on the side of their ride, tossing out candy and waving to the hundreds of Pocahontas residents and students who come out to be a part of this tradition.

This year, however, homecoming will be remembered for more than the big game, the parade and who wears the crown. In 2013, homecoming at the Pocahontas School District means coming together as a school and a community that has suffered greatly already this year.

With star football and basketball player, PK Kirk losing his life over the summer and a beloved coach Dave Williams falling ill early into the season, this homecoming is special.

"It's brought us a lot closer because we gotta realize that this right here could be our last moment," PHS Quad-Capitan, Brandon Marrone told Region 8 NEws.

Because moments are what create tradition. So Friday, before the football players, homecoming maids and remaining student body took part in the parade, tradition turned into an amazing moment.

"The 2013 homecoming queen as nominated by the entire student body," an announcer read at the coronation ceremony, "Congratulations, Miss Monica Schadler!"

The high school senior with down syndrome was nominated by the football players and elected as queen by the student body.

A homecoming celebration that gave students and the community a reason to celebrate after so much heartache.

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