College Tuition On The Rise Nationwide

September 29, 2004--Posted at

Jonesboro--As if the transition from high school to college isn't stressful enough.......

"The cost of tuition at most public and private university's has risen generally everywhere across the country, 4, 5, 6, 7 percent,"said Greg Thornburg.

Greg Thornburg is the Dean of Enrollment Services at Arkansas State University.

Most of the schools in Arkansas, including Arkansas State, are in that conservative range compared to double digit increases other places.

An economic decline in most states after September 11, 2001, was felt by colleges and university's nationwide.

"We had 3 to 4 million dollars in budget cuts here at ASU, and that money has not yet been restored by the state,"said Thornburg.

The basic upkeep expenses at any school continue to rise.

Along with tuition, there are other essential items, like books.......

"Probably about, a little over 400,"said one student.

Another student said,"last semester I paid 427 dollars just on books."

College costs are rising nationwide, but it's important to remember most schools offer financial advising to students to help them break down the cost of school.

Most schools also offer financial counseling to make students more aware of the options they do have to pay for school.

"When I arrived at ASU back in 98, we had like 35 million dollars in scholarships.  This year, we have like 70 million dollars,"said Thornburg.

He says the opportunity for funding a college education is out there; however, it's the responsibility of counselors, and students to work together to figure out a financial plan.