Self-proclaimed "contortionist" escapes police handcuffs

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-  A Jonesboro man is now behind bars after he was handcuffed, told police "that he was a contortionist," and had to be handcuffed again.

Jonesboro police arrived to Airport Rd. responding to reports of a man with a gun "as if looking for somebody." They questioned Jeremy Cole after they pulled him over in the vehicle he was described to be driving.

Jonesboro police say Cole was handcuffed, but moments later, he had his left hand out of the handcuffs. Officers at the scene add that his "escape" was caught on camera from the police car.

Marijuana was found in Cole's car, along with two guns, when police searched it.

Cole is now charged with DWI, possession of a controlled substance, and tampering with evidence.

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