Trumann police try to lessen the drug problem in their community

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) – The TrumannPolice Department recently received their first prescription drop box in thecity.

You can now drop off yourpills at any time, and Trumann police said that they hope this will lessen thedrug problem in this area.

"Trumann's got anepidemic of a pill problem. It's a bigger problem than weed, meth,marijuana."

Lt. Lenny Becker said thenew prescription drop box is another tool in their arsenal to protect Trumannresidents.

"Get the pills offthe street and have a place for them to put the pills instead of getting on thestreet and getting in the wrong hands of kids or the pushers."

The Trumann Police believethat these drop boxes will keep the drugs out of the water supply and out ofthe trash.

"Used to in the past,people would just flush it down the toilet or down the sink. That gets in ourwater supply which contaminates our water supply. You got people roamingthrough your trash. Young kids roaming through your trash. They can pick thepills up out of the trash, take them and overdose on them or they can besold."

Lt. Becker said that youare responsible for that pill. "It's a big responsibility. It should betreated like a loaded gun, just like you would a loaded gun. You keep them upand out of reach of your children."

But even this doesn't stopsome kids, and that's why it's so important to take your pills to one of thesedrop boxes.

"They're getting intheir cabinets to get their pill and we're seeing younger, and younger andyounger children. I've seen children as young as 10 or 11 years old takingpills, but once it goes in the drop box, it's secured, it can't be taken out. Thestate picks it up. They dispose of it properly."

The Poinsett CountySheriff's Department and the Bay Police Department were also rewarded one dropbox each.

This year's National DrugTake back day is set for October 26th.

If you have any pills inthe medicine cabinet that have expired. You can take them over to any drop boxlocation.

A list of locations can be foundat

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