Counterfeit money circulating in Mississippi County

GOSNELL, AR (KAIT) - Mississippi County law enforcement is investigating incidents of counterfeit money being used in Gosnell and Blytheville.

Joyce Foreman works at Gary's Food Mart, one of two gas stations in Gosnell where police say several counterfeit $20s were used.

"Maybe a week and a half ago, we had $100 come through in one day," she said. "If they feel funny I'll mark them with the pen, but that was before we started getting counterfeits. Once they started coming through, I started marking the front and the back."

"Some individuals had came in and got some lottery tickets and a little bit of gas, and they had came back a few hours later, got some more lottery tickets, and as they kept doing it they kept paying with the counterfeit money," said Gosnell Detective Andrew Wyles. "We've had six counterfeit $20s in the last month. Blytheville has had about the same, five or six."

Police have not made any arrests in the investigation. Police urge people to pay attention to the design and texture of the money to detect whether they are handling real or counterfeit bills.

"There is a security strip on the (left) side. If you hold it up you can see it and you can also see Jackson's face (on the right side)," Wyles said. "You can tell by the touch and the feel of the real $20 and the fake $20. (The counterfeit bill has a) smoother surface. (The real bill has) a rough texture to it."

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