Exchange Club of Jonesboro names 2013 police officer of the year

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The Exchange Club of Jonesboro andlocal law enforcement came together on Friday to honor one of their own.

Officer Ashley Boles was named Exchange Club PoliceOfficer of the year.

He's the Juvenile Division Supervisor for the 2ndJudicial District.

Boles said he was honoredby the award and being in law enforcement is all about helping thecommunity.  "That's what we're here to doand that's what we will do until the day we retire," he said.

It's an award that means a lot to him. "You know, a lot oftimes we as juvenile officers aren't really known as law enforcement and to berecognized by the law enforcement community for this is a great honor."

Boles is a graduate of Arkansas State Universityand has worked in law enforcement for over 14 years.

He plans to be in law enforcement until heretires.

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