Vigil held for slain Region 8 man

Region 8 News Sunday Evening Update – Here is a look at some of the stories the Region 8 News department is working on for Region 8 News at 10.

Vigil held for slain Region 8 man

A Blytheville man asking for directions in Chicago was shot dead. Brandi Hunter was at the vigil this evening and has more tonight at 10.

Overflow Jonesboro

It's annual event that unites members of a church with other volunteers in Region 8. Tonight on Region 8 News at 10, Courtney Brown shows us what organizers said helped make the overflow project possible.

Caught on Camera: Sleepy driver causes pileup

A rare moment where a news crew in Georgia called police after a man is at a complete stop at the edge of a highway… asleep. Tonight at 10, find out how the driver end up causing a pileup.

Get the hoodies ready

We saw some rain across Region 8 this weekend. Meteorologist Bryan McCormick shows us how low temperatures will get this week.

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