Region 8 learns how to help children affected by modern-day slavery

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) – Even though it's on the other side of the globe people in Region 8 studentsat Arkansas State University are working to encourage the community to helprescue children trapped in slavery.

Membersof the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity are raising awareness about the issue. OnMonday, they taught community members more about "Connor's Song".

It'san organization that provides art and play therapy for children rescued fromslavery. Luke Guenrich with Lambda Chi said there's one specific reason he'svolunteering with his fraternity.

"Somethingthat really encouraged me was an opportunity to give back to those around thecommunity", said Guenrich. "We want to really to give to the community asbrothers and give back to people less fortunate because we have been blessed inour life".

Membersof "Connor's Song" were also on hand to talk about the specificservices they provide. They said with Region 8's help they can provide therapycenters like the one they built in Ghana, Africa.

Youcan log onto www.touchalifekids.orgfor more information or check the "Connor's Song" Facebook page here.

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