Private club sign-ins no more?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- The state's Alcoholic Beverage Control Division is looking to do away with the sign-in requirement for private clubs in dry counties.

"The membership is for our private club license," said Sarah Reeves, general manager of Skinny J's in Jonesboro. "The login is to keep a record of your membership, we also do a membership card so every time a guest comes in they can sign in and show us their card."

Reeves said it also allows them to keep track of customers who may dine in several times a week.

"As long as they have a legible signature and we can see that they've been here, we can keep up with it by the day," she said.

Private clubs serving alcohol will still be required to keep membership records but they no longer have to ask members and guests to sign in. ABC director,Michael Langley, said this is because many clubs don't ask their customers to sign in and if they do they use a false name.

She said the change wouldn't have much of an impact on them but on larger restaurants.

"I can see corporate restaurants that may not want to do it just because they are such a quick in and out and the service is so strict there, I could see that," Reeves said.

There is one advantage to the change.

"We wouldn't get looks like we were crazy from people who come in from out of state and they say 'go sign in, what is this for'," she said.

Reeves said asking guests to sign in allows them to crack down on underage drinking.

"At late nights we make every single person sign in and while they are signing in, that's when we check their ID to make sure no underage teens are coming in," she said.

The proposed change was submitted to the Review Subcommittee of the Arkansas Legislative Council.

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