Renovations on Historic Greene County Courthouse Nearing Completion

OCTOBER 1, 2004 - Posted at 4:22 p.m. CDT

PARAGOULD, AR - Greene County has one of the newest and most modern courthouses in the state.  But in its shadow, sits the old courthouse...and the people of Greene County love it so much, they couldn't stand to see it torn down.

The original courthouse is 116 years old.  Looking at it today, it seems as though not much has changed since the facility was built for only $14,700.  But the people who made their living there know better.

Eighty-five year-old retired circuit judge Gerald Brown remembers holding court in the building.  He started his law career there in 1950.  Judge Brown says it was so hot in the courtroom, that court officials would raise all of the windows during a court session.  "When you were arguing a case with the windows open, the pigeons were all along the ease up there and they would be making so much noise that you had to scream so the jury could hear over the pigeons," said Brown.

The building is currently in the final stage of a $2 million renovation.

It is also the new home to the Greene County Chamber of Commerce.