Red Wolves and Razorbacks passing in the classroom

JONESBORO (KAIT) - Interesting figures were released today by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The NCAA revealed the Graduation Success Rate for all sports programs.

The GSR is a four year metric for the most recent four graduating classes of all Division I student-athletes (entering college between 2003-2006). For all athletes during that timeframe, the GSR is an all-time high at 81%.

The NCAA's Graduation Success Rate includes transfer students and student-athletes who leave in good academic standing. It measures graduation over six years from first-time college enrollment.

Sun Belt-wise, ASU is tied for 7th overall with Troy. 70 percent of Red Wolves student-athletes graduated. That rate is down from the 1999-2002 report (75%). Two teams had a 100% GSR (Men's Golf and Women's Tennis).

Arkansas is last in the SEC overall with a 74% GSR. However that rate is up from the 1999-2002 report (70%). Two Razorback squads had a 100% GSR (Women's Tennis and Women's Gymnastics).

Missouri is ranked 3rd in the SEC overall with a 82% GSR. Five Tiger teams had a 100% GSR (Softball, Men's Golf, Women's Golf, Women's Gymnastics, and Women's Swimming).

You can see how all ASU and Arkansas sports stack below and how these figures compare to the previous report.

Arkansas State Graduation Success Rate (2003-2006): 70%

Baseball: 77% (77% in 1999-2002 NCAA report)

Men's Basketball: 50% (up from 45%)

Men's Cross Country/Track: 59% (down from 91%)

Football: 68% (up from 64%)

Men's Golf: 100% (up from 70%)

Women's Basketball: 61% (down from 80%)

Women's Bowling: 75% (up from 50%)

Women's Cross Country/Track: 75% (down from 78%)

Women's Golf: 80% (down from 100%)

Women's Soccer: 78%

Women's Tennis: 100%

Volleyball: 69% (down from 92%)

Arkansas Graduation Success Rate (2003-2006): 74%

Baseball: 78% (up from 54% in 1999-2002 report)

Men's Basketball: 10% (down from 58%)

- Note: Starting in 2006, the NBA mandated that players had to play at least one season in college before turning pro.

Men's Cross Country/Track: 64% (up from 59%)

Football: 54% (up from 52%)

Men's Golf: 63% (up from 44%)

Men's Tennis: 86% (down from 89%)

Women's Basketball: 78% (down from 81%)

Women's Cross Country/Track: 87% (up from 76%)

Women's Golf: 100%

Women's Gymnastics: 100% (up from 86%)

Women's Soccer: 93% (down from 94%)

Softball: 73% (down from 94%)

Women's Swimming: 88% (up from 81%)

Women's Tennis: 83% (down from 89%)

Volleyball: 86% (down from 89%)