2nd Annual K8-8K Benefits American Cancer Society

October 2, 2004 – Posted at 11:24 a.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- Craighead Forest Park was alive with more than nature Saturday morning. It was the second annual K8-8K and folks from all Region 8 showed up to raise money for a good cause.

KAIT 8 General Manager Clyde Anderson said, "KAIT has branded itself for years as the Good Neighbor station and that's what we're trying to demonstrate today. The employees of KAIT and the American Cancer Society are doing something extremely good for Northeast Arkansas."

The shot was fired and the runners were off in a hurry Saturday morning and in the crowd was Governor Mike Huckabee.

"Clyde Anderson at the station challenged me and said do you want to come up here and run this and my wife is actually a cancer survivor," said Governor Huckabee, "So it was for a lot of reasons, some for my own personal fitness and then because it's a good cause and it's a challenge. I told Clyde thank goodness it's not Channel 40."

All proceeds from the race will go to the Mid-South division of the American Cancer Society; something walkers and runner agree is a pretty good cause.

Runner Erin Bader said, "I just wanted to come out and support breast cancer and it's good exercise also. I just think breast cancer is a really good cause for research."

"I'll finish. I may not finish where I want to, but I'll get through it," said runner Rob Delaney.

JHS Student Kimberly Fullington said, "We have about 20 or so students from JHS and we all finished and we are happy to support Jonesboro and cancer research."

But it's the cancer survivors that are the real winners. "We're out here to support everybody else and show everyone we're surviving. That's the key word, surviving," said cancer survivor Brenda Whitmire.

"I think I finished in an hour and forty minutes, and this guy next to me, bless his heart, he was a cancer survivor of lung cancer and he actually beat me! So that's awesome, it's something to strive for defiantly," laughed KAIT anchor Andrea Morrow at the finish line.

And striving for a good cause always makes the run a little faster.

"To be able to do something that improves those of us who run become a little more fit and at the same time raising some money for people who are experiencing the most horrible experiences one can go through makes it a good day," said Governor Huckabee.