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2 Malden mayors make World Series bet


Twelve-hundred miles separate Malden, Missouri from Malden, Massachusetts, but the World Series competition is still fierce.

Mayors of the two towns made a friendly wager on the title at stake between the Birds and the Sox.

In Missouri, Malden Mayor Ray Santie said it all started when Gary Christenson sent him an email from his city of the same name near Boston.

They discussed a friendly wager: Santie said when the Cardinals win Mayor Christenson will be sending his city a shipment of New England Coffee.

"To me there's no doubt the Cardinals are the best team and they are going to win," Santie said. "Mayor Christenson did seem like a very nice man."

If the Red Sox win, Santie agreed to send Missouri grown rice and purple hull peas to Massachusetts. This is something that has all of Malden, Mo. fired up.

"Obviously we have the best Malden there is," said Cary Whorton, who said he's a Cardinal fan for life.

"I mean we have the best town and they think they're good but we have eleven championships and they only have like seven," Whorton said.

"This area is blessed and the whole state is blessed with great baseball communities," said Kim Smith, another Malden, Mo. Cardinal fan. "It's obvious the birds will win and our Malden will win."

Apparently a jersey wearing swap may also come into play.

"He suggested we wear the other teams jersey but I'm not even sure you can find a Red Sox jersey around her," laughed Santie. "I think he'll be wearing the birds on the bat."

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