Pocahontas 5th best city in Arkansas for young families

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - A website that works to save you money and find the best of the best took a look into the Natural State to find the best Arkansas cities for young families.

Only one town was selected in our corner of the state and it's right here in Region 8, though it was a surprise to the city that they were acknowledged.

"We had no idea that the survey was even taking place," Executive Director of the Randolph County Chamber of Commerce, Tim Scott told Region 8 News.

Scott said he recently received the results, listing Pocahontas as the fifth best city in Arkansas to raise a young family.

"It told us that several things that Pocahontas is doing means that we're moving in the right direction," Scott said.

The analysis, conducted by NerdWallet.com, looked at five aspects of cities in the Natural State to determine which was the best to raise a young family in.

The analysis looked at everything from the average cost of a home, to whether the city prospered over the past twelve years and if the city had a good public school system.

"Pocahontas School District has one of the lowest millage rates for its size school in the entire state," Scott said. The study states they also looked at the academic performance of the school.

In Northeast Arkansas, Pocahontas was the sole city selected, the others located in Northwest or Central Arkansas. Mountain Home was the nearest city selected, ranking in at #10.

In the analysis, Pocahontas was highlighted not only for affordable real estate but also for its industry.

Even before the boost from NerdWallet.com, Scott said the city has been working with companies to come to Pocahontas. "We have something in the works that we hope will come to a reality here in the near future," he explained.

Scott explained that though Pocahontas already has both old and new industry, they hope this kind of recognition is something that will draw even more industry to the town.

"It means the world when you have something like this that you can put in an information packet and send to a prospect that says 'here's another reason...or five reasons...to look at us,'" Scott said.

Though Scott couldn't go into detail about that possible industrial gain, he said it would equate to even more growth for the city.

To qualify, Arkansas cities had to have a population of more than 5,000. 63 cities were included in the analysis.

Click here for a link to the analysis.

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