Technology upgrade helps school stay ahead

BAY, AR (KAIT) - It's not just meals the National School Lunch Program has helped give to Bay School District. This year new and improved computers fill their labs all because of a nearly $100,000 grant. Bay schools qualified for money to use towards technology, based on how many students they had enrolled in the free or reduced lunches.

"The National School Lunch Program is there to help kids who are underprivileged," said Technology Coordinator, Ira Allen.

After Arkansas announced all state mandated tests would be taken online starting the 2014-2015 school year, the school district began looking into purchasing new computers.

"Teachers have already prepared assessments in math, english and science, so students can start getting familiar with how to use them," said Allen.

Before their new computers the schools had some wireless devices to test on. Unfortunately, those weren't always reliable. The school district made the decision to purchase more computers for labs to ensure each test taker would experience a smooth process.

"The wireless devices would keep dropping kids off line while they were in the middle of the test," said Allen.

To put all the money into good use, they created a program to help those who don't have computers at home. Students now have the option to take a laptop with them for their school work.

"The devices we purchased can be checked out in the library, and will have internet on them that they can't currently afford now," said Allen.

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