One Region 8 Church Holds Animal Blessing

October 03, 2004--Posted at 7:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--While some parents were holding babies in their arms at church Sunday morning, other parents were holding their beloved pets in their arms.

St Mark's Episcopal Church held their blessing of the animals service on Sunday.

The St. Francis tradition dates back several hundred years.

Today, dogs and cats got to sit in on regular church services and get blessed.

Owners dressed their precious pooch's up in their Sunday best and told them to be on their best behavior......and no sleeping!

"They're my baby girls, and I think it's important, and they get to meet other dogs,"said one church member.

"Hopefully, she'll stop chewing and biting at home if she gets a good blessing,"said another church member.

Even though a few parents had to take their little ones outside for a quick pottie break, everyone had a good time.

"I always tell people the animal will be in heaven with you, so he deserves a blessing too,"said Rev. Jo Ann Barker.