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7 On Your Side: $100 reward?


Would you like a $100 gift card? Of course you would. We all would. So, we set out to see if the card in one man's mailbox could deliver on its offer.

Array Oliver would be happy to get a $100 gift certificate. 

"It would be nice. $100 doesn't come easy these days, especially when you're on a fixed income," he said.

But a little voice inside told him the card that seemed to say he won a $100 gift card wasn't legitimate.

"He asked for credit or debit card numbers. I told him we did not have any. So, he inquired about a checking account number and I told the person we do not give out the checking account number on the phone and in turn, the phone went dead," said Oliver.

We decided to call the telephone number on the card.

The man asked, "So, will it be comfortable for you to pay one time $6.97?"

I explain, "Well, no. If you're giving me a gift card, I shouldn't have to pay anything."

He was persistent. "You see, ma'am, that is the activation and the processing fee."

It was also not easy to find out where the man was calling from.

"Phoenix, Arizona," he claims. I question him: "Phoenix Arizona? But the postcard says you're from Lakeland, Florida."

"See, we are a multi-located company ma'am," he said. I asked, "Where is your company's home office?" He claims: "The main branch is in California."

I bring up a new topic. "Did you know that you have a D minus with the Better Business Bureau?"

No response.

Carmen Million with the Southwest Louisiana Better Business Bureau discovered in no time that the Florida address is a UPS Office and neither Phoenix or California had a physical address with a working phone number under the company name the man gave.

"The card makes it sound like you are going to get $100, but it doesn't actually tell you that you're going to receive $100. It makes it sound like you may get discounts for $100. Well, what does that really mean? You won't know until you pay the $6.97. And, of course, the Better Business Bureau never recommends that you give personal financial information to an unknown person whether it's your Social Security number, your bank account number, your credit card number, your debit card number, never give information," said Million.

Our phone conversation with the plan came to an abrupt end. "You need to pay one time $6.97. I'm not asking you to pay me a lot of money. It's a one time. It's one time," he said. I question him, "Okay, well, what will you do with my debit card information?" At that point, he hung up.

"I knew there was something fishy about this card," said Mr. Oliver. I ask him, "Do you think there's $100 waiting for you?" "No I do not. We do not," he said.

So, when it doubt, check it out. If you've got an offer you'd like us to check out, message Theresa or call her here at KPLC studios at 337-437-7570.

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