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New Technology Leaves Dental Patients Smiling

October 5, 2004 – Posted at 2:55 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- For some, going to the dentist can be a harrowing experience. Many associate the visit with drilling and painful shots, but two dentists right here in Region 8 are trying to change that image, using a new technology that's causing folks to smile after their visit to the dentist.

“For everybody, there is something out there that you're terrified of,” said dentist Dr. Kristy Rowe. And for many folks, it's sitting in the dentist's chair. Drs. John and Kristy Rowe hope to change that with a new machine.

“We can do fillings without having to give patients a shot in most cases. Also, it eliminates the sound of a drill. Those are the two things people hate the most,” said Dr. Kristy Rowe, “It’s completely pain free, and most of our clients that we've used it on says it feels like ice chips because there's some water. The laser action is actually in the water, so you don't feel anything. There is no stinging, no burning.”

The Waterlase also works on mouth ulcers and fever blisters.

“The results that we are getting with the Waterlase are phenomenal. The patients that we've worked on here so far have been raving about it, just absolutely loved it,” said dentist Dr. John Rowe.

But you won't find this machine just anywhere. It's the only one in the Mid-South.

“I think it's the greatest thing to happen to dentistry since sliced bread, and really, it will revolutionize the way in the future that we practice dentistry. Its only getting better,” said Dr. John Rowe.

“The bottom line is that it makes it easier for the patient and that's the most important thing,” said Dr. Kristy Rowe.

If you're wondering whether or not the new Waterlase technology will cost you more the next time you get a cavity filled, you're in luck. The price is the same and it is covered by most insurances.

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