Caraway woman pulls trick-or-treaters into storm shelter as tornado approaches

CARAWAY, AR (KAIT) - Every child in Caraway is back home with their parents thanks in part to a woman who shielded dozens of them from an EF1 tornado on Halloween.

"We had a few trick or treaters that came up to the door, and we gave out candy and the tornado siren went off," Florence Davis said.

Davis says she could tell by the strong wind and rain the tornado was near her home on School Street minutes after hearing the siren. She quickly pulled 25-50 children and a few adults into the small storm shelter in her yard.

"We didn't have no warning. By the time the tornado siren went off it was just right on top of us," she said. "We got all the kids towards the very back over in the corners and we had them all sitting on laps."

"It was crazy and it was loud. There was a lot of kids and we was crammed in there, and it was hot," said 13-year-old Shyann Whaley. "(The tornado) sounded like a big truck was flying by, a whole bunch of them, and it sounded like a whole bunch of trains."

Whaley says the younger children were upset and scared, but the concern was more about the kids' safety rather than their comfort while they waited for the storm to pass.

"The kids were just all chaos and saying 'I don't know you,' and I was like, 'It'll be okay. I'm going to let the cops know where you're at. You've just got to stay here for a little bit and let this kind of blow over,'" said Davis.

Pay It Forward Paragould has organized a candy drive for the children in Caraway.

For the next week candy donations will be collected and distributed since Halloween was cut short.

For more information about the candy drive click here.

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