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McNeese loses a heartbreaker to SLU, post game interviews

You can see it on their faces, shock. That is the only way to describe what happened Saturday night in Cowboy Stadium.

And the only ones who can accurately explain the feeling after such a shock, are the players.

"Uhh horrible, absolutely horrible."-Chris Loveless

"Just uh, a loss like this at home is just embarrassing. There's no other way to explain it." -Ernest Celestie

So what did happen?

"Um certainly we didn't make any plays on offense for sure. Didn't make a lot on special teams. Held in there for awhile on defense in forcing field goals, but just didn't get anything going on offense."

"We kept putting our defense in bad situations early in the game and you see what happened tonight with it."

And Cowboys say the Lions didn't do anything unexpected.

"Nothing at all really. I feel like defensively we played with a lot of effort, but we missed a lot of tackles."

"Everything they did tonight, we had seen before. It's just, they executed better than us. We made a few mistakes, and they executed on those mistakes."

This week it's time to get back to the drawing board as McNeese looks to get a victory on the road at Stephen F. Austin.

"Well I don't know. We just gotta get in there and watch the film, try to correct these mistakes, and see what we did wrong and what we did right. Just move forward. Stephen F. is always tough up there, we know that, but we'll bounce back.

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