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Bang for Your Buck: Save on Airfares

(WMC-TV) – We all want lower airfare in and out of Memphis International Airport and hope is high with more flights from low cost airlines that have landed here.

They can be a great deal for people who know how to play the game right or they can end up costing more than the traditional airlines because of all the extra fees.

This Bang for your Buck segment tells you how to play the game right so you can get more "Bang for your Buck."

You have to do your homework if you want to get the best prices on airfare out of Memphis International airport.

Seth Kaplan with Airline Weekly says, "You can save money, but you just have to know what you're getting into before you book with them."

Kaplan works for Airline Weekly, a publication covering commercial aviation worldwide. He says with Frontier Airlines you can avoid bag fees just by booking on the airline's website.

"If you are going to buy Frontier tickets; you are going to want to buy on their own website. That's the way to avoid those carry-on bag fees of up to $100 at the gate," Kaplan said.

Frontier begins its service between Memphis and Denver in March. They fly only four days a week and all airline flights tend to be cheaper when they're flying.

Southwest Airlines is already in Memphis and they have no baggage fees, but keep in mind many airline websites don't include Southwest as part of their search engine.

If you are looking for flights always check out Southwest Airlines' website to see what fare it is offering.

And when it comes to booking any flight search nearby airports and do the booking about a month or so beforehand.

Kaplan explains, "Airlines try to get as many people to pay a little bit more as possible. Then they sometimes discount tickets about four to six weeks before you fly to try and get the real bargain seekers to buy some more tickets fill the flight and then they do raise those fares at the last minute."

A little homework on the front end can save hundreds on that next getaway flying the friendly skies.

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