Potential new business causing a buzz

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Communities in Randolph and Clay County are taking in the buzz  over word that a new business may be coming to town, and the potential business could help the job market.

Peco Foods Inc. is looking to a build a $120,000,000 poultry processing plant just two miles south of Pocahontas, and a feed mill on the north side of Corning.

Rose Scott is the Assistant Manager at Electric Beach in Corning and said this new business in the area would bring new job openings. With more people moving to town, between her tanning business and her other job, it could mean more customers.

"I'm also a seamstress so that would mean more clothes and stuff I could either alter or make," said Scott.

Not only is she looking forward to what it could mean for her business, but what something like this could bring to Corning.

"If we don't have people, we're not going to be able to keep businesses open," said Scott.

The CEO of Futrell Pharmacy, J. Mark Futrell, said after the loss of bigger businesses in Pocahontas this is exactly what it needs to grow.

"We lost several hundred jobs with Brown Shoe leaving and also when Waterloo left," said Futrell.

If Peco Foods Inc. health plan will allow their employees to use local pharmacists, this would mean a business boom for Futrell.

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