Town of Egypt Decides To Keep Police Department

October 4, 2004 -- Posted at 11:30 p.m. CDT

EGYPT, AR --The small town of Egypt has never had a police department. But times have changed, so they decided to hire one part-time officer for 6 months just to see how things would go. That 6 months is up, and most of the town has an opinion or whether or not to keep the police department.

Almost half of the town showed up at Egypt's city council meeting Monday night to give their opinion on whether or not they wanted to keep Officer Mullenix. He's their one and only part-time officer. By the voices heard most, were in favor of keeping their police department.

"I feel like we're safe now," said one Egypt resident.

But not everybody was thrilled to have a cop in town.

"We're running a speed trap here and I don't like that,"said one Egypt resident.

Mayor of Egypt Don Scruggs is in favor of having an officer. Nearby Cash formed a police department about a year and a half ago. He says that's when drug dealers pulled out of Cash and set up shop in Egypt. They did their business at the one and only pay phone in town in his town.

"Since we've had the police car parked across the pay phone at the city hall that has all stopped," said Mayor Scruggs.

Before officer Mullenix came to town Egyptians had to call on the Craighead County Sheriff's department if they had a problem. Having their own cop actually lessens the county's load. The vote came down to a simple vote 4-1 in favor of keeping Officer Mullenix on his beat.