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New watch counts down to your death

The Tikker watch. Source: video The Tikker watch. Source: video

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -Watches come in all shapes, colors, and prices. But a new one on the market is probably unlike any watch most have ever seen. Instead of showing the time of day, Tikker is considered the death watch that ‘counts down your life.'

Tikker counts down a person's life from years to seconds. A cartoon version of Tikker's founder, Fredrik Colting, explains its concept on a video on the website

"Motivates you to make the right choices. Tikker will be there to remind you to make the most of your life  and most importantly to be happy," explains Colting.

To get a Tikker going, users fill out a life expectancy questionnaire with  general health questions like ‘ Do you smoke?' and ‘Do you exercise regularly?' Users then subtract their age from the result, program their Tikker and let the countdown begin.

"I can see how it can be a conversation starter," said Birmingham resident Morgan Gibson about the watch. She  says it's an interesting gadget, but is not sold on the idea.

"I feel like it adds a lot of anxiety to your life. Like nobody wants to know that."

Psychiatrist Armand Schacter agrees and says the constant reminder of your own death can actually have the reverse effect.

"For some people of course that are more sensitive to stress, it can be extremely detrimental," explains Dr. Schacter.

But so far people are buying into the unique concept. Colting took his idea to the crowd source funding site Kickstarter. In 32 days, more than 21 hundred people backed the project, investing more than $98,000.

Production of the watch is underway and very soon, people will be sporting a Tikker. The first shipment of Tikker watches will go out in April of 2014. Those who helped fund the project will receive their watches first. For anyone wondering, the Tikker watch also gives the time.

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