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Paragould woman records suspicious phone call

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT)-  A Paragould resident is warning others about a suspicious phone call she received last week asking for money in order to avoid jail time.

Candace Booker said she received a call from someone saying she had two fraudulent checks and two warrants out for her arrest. The caller told Booker she needed to pay right away to get her charges dropped.

The caller identified as Vantage Point Services was looking to collect a large sum of money. They told Booker she had to pay for two fraudulent checks or spend time in jail.

Booker recorded the conversation.


Caller: I've been appointed to handle two charges that have been filed..files directly with..let me see here..looks like two fraudulent charges.

Booker: On what?

Caller: The State wants to have an arrest warrant issued, Are you aware of this?

Booker: No, I had no idea.

Caller: They sent out a 10 day notice

Booker: I had no idea, nobody ever told me and I don't know what this is concerning."

They told Booker she had to pay the amount right away so the charges would be dropped, so she gave them her credit card information.

"It was 957 dollars and 18 cents," Booker said. "They made it sound really official, very scary."

"They had an old address, they had the last four of my social and they told me it was from advance America," Booker said. 

But after she gave her card number, she had a feeling that something wasn't right.

"Later on I called the cash checking place and they told me they had no checks against me at all," she said. 

Booker said she wants to warn the public about these calls.

"Unless you call them, don't give them any information, don't give them any credit card information, always make sure you have all the information that you need," Booker said.

I looked on the Better Business Bureau website where Vantage Point Services was given an F for accreditation. There were also numerous other complaints about them asking for random amounts of money.  


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