Would you shop on a holiday? Some stores will be open

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - As if Thanksgiving night deals haven't already pushed the limit to bringing in the big bucks this holiday season, Kmart is getting a head start by opening up at 6am Thanksgiving day.

Amy Smith said she's against that idea and believes that's what Black Friday is for.

"Those employees should be able to spend time with their families," said Smith.

Many agree and believe that the holidays should be a time spent with loved ones. Not at work where making the company money is priority.

"To me it's all about family and spending time with family," said Reco Haggins. "I feel like the employers should allow the employees to have that opportunity to be able to spend time with their family, and not make money the number one issue."

However, then there are some who disagree, and enjoy the craziness of early deals and steals.

"It's cool to shop around that time because of the deals and sales," said Cody Bray. "For me it's just neat to get out and get to see all these people going crazy on a holiday."

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