Gas prices down in AR, but not everywhere

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - The average price of a gallon of gas in Arkansas has dropped below $3.00.  Drivers around the state are paying around $2.98 for a regular gallon of gas. However, not all drivers are so lucky in Region 8. Drivers in Osceola are paying three bucks a gallon. One gas station along I-55 is selling gas at around $3.19.

Folks over in Clay County aren't paying that much, but are still paying a few cents more than what people are paying in Jonesboro.  Some drivers said they've even driven to the closest town with cheaper gas.

"If I'm filling up I do," said driver Sharon Huckleberry.

One resident of Piggott said he travels often between there and Jonesboro. Even though he notices that Jonesboro tends to have a little bit cheaper gas, he'd rather pay the price at the pump in Piggott.

"I usually try to buy gas close to home," said driver Robert Plante. "It keeps the money in the community."

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