Street vendors making their way downtown

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – One local food vendor can now bring his business to downtown.

When the Owner of Scalded Dog, Johnny Carson, bought a hot dog cart he didn't realize he couldn't sell his hot dogs here in Jonesboro. The city council had been in the middle of working out an ordinance for vendor's downtown, but it wasn't until Carson showed up that it got approved a lot quicker.

"I started pushing the issue a little bit more, said Carson. "I showed up at city hall meetings with my hot dog cart, and gave free hot dogs away to city council members."

However, there were some upgrades to be made before he was allowed to hit the streets.

"I went and bought this monstrosity and this thing is complied with everything," said Carson. "The hot dog cart really helped sell the issue."

A FedEx worker at night, Carson said he enjoys his day job for one specific reason.

"It's really the people," said Carson.

His yearly inspections give him the okay to continue to sell to customers.

"They look over the cart and make sure it has all the requirements that it needs," said Carson.

The customer favorite is the Jonesboro Dog.  It's a Nathan's hot dog topped with chili, cheese and a little kick.

"I top it off with fresh jalapeno peppers, and that is a Jonesboro style hot dog," said Carson.

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