Local veteran thanks business for care packages

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-  A local veteran who deployed to Afghanistan last year is thanking a  Region 8 business for sending care packages to his base.

Joseph Wright serves as a U.S. Marine and was deployed to Afghanistan last spring. He informed his mother that his base was closing down and there were very few supplies available to the troops. A parent saw this post on Facebook and decided to organize a care package project through her job, Ritter Communications.

Lance CorporalJoseph Wright recently returned home from deployment and one of the first hevisited was Ritter Communications.

"The carepackages that they sent us in copious amounts, and it meant a lot not just tome but to some of the guys who didn't get as much," said Lance Cpl, Joseph Wright.

He said receivingthose packages made his unit feel appreciated and loved.

"I justnoticed that there were a lot of guys that needed things and they just had adown look on their face on the days that we would receive mail," Wright said.

So hereached out to his mom who made a post on Facebook.

"Maybe I canbrighten these guys days, maybe I can make their deployment a little easier," he said.

A Ritter employee read the post and decided to take action.

MargaretHolloway with Ritter said they decided to buy everything on the list in large amounts.

"We may havesent 10 pairs of sunglasses, we may have sent 10 sticks of chap stick, we sentt-shirts, we sent a lot of personal items, we sent snacks," Holloway said.

On Thursday, Wrightpresented Ritter with a flag flown over his base in Afghanistan along with acertificate of appreciation.

"I couldn't believeit when mom started messaging me before the packages began arriving," Wright said.

Hollowaysaid this project made her appreciate even more the freedom we sometimes takefor granted.

"I don't thinkwe really realize what those guys do, JC looks so much like your kid and youthink my kid is giving us the freedom that we have," Holloway said.

As Veteransday approaches, Wright said he would like the thank those who paved the way forhim and the men in his unit.

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