Sen. Pryor comments on ASU ROTC decision

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-  One day after the ROTC program at Arkansas State University was told it could remain open for an additional year, Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor talked about the move.

Speaking from Washington, Pryor said he wanted hard and fast answers as to why the program was being shutdown and the Army couldn't provide them.

Senator Pryor said, "I asked them to give us all the data and all the criteria within a week. They didn't do it. They ask for a week extension. Didn't get it done. We gave them a little bit more time. So we had this call yesterday and they said they were basically going to do a one-year extension. Bottom line is, they don't really have the criteria. They don't have the numbers and if you're doing to do something like this, you need to be pretty tight on why you're doing it."

Senator Pryor added that without accurate data, it's not fair for the Army to make such a decision. He says ASU lost a recruiter and the Army never filled the position. He believes that should not go against ASU and its chances to keep the ROTC program.

As the year progresses, we'll keep tracking the story.

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