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Parents warned of suspected child predator near Mt. Holly school

Mt. Holly, NC (WBTV) -

Police in Mount Holly say they are getting tips and could use more of the public's help in locating a person they say is raising the fear level in two Gaston County communities.

Investigators said Friday they feel there is a connection in at least two cases where a man has tried to lure students into his vehicle before school starts by offering them porn and alcohol.

Gaston County School superintendent Reeves McGlohon tells WBTV School officials are working with local law enforcement agencies.

Mount Holly is the latest place where police are looking into complaints of a man attempting to lure students into his vehicle.

Mount Holly Police Chief Don Roper said more officers will be near local campuses, when classes resume next week.

"This person had approached some students at a bus stop, and he attempted to get them to get in the vehicle with him and skip school," according to Chief Roper.

Chris Black has a son who attends Mount Holly Middle School, and he  got a phone call from the school system saying a predator was on the loose.

 "It was just very very scary," Black said. "They need to beef up security a lot more at those schools too."

Parents in this community describe the events as wake up calls, and say it means they need to have discussions with their children over the issues of stranger danger.

Wanda Lowery has a child enrolled at a Gaston County High School.

She said, "We need to be more conscious of our surroundings, and something like this happens. We need to be watching our kids a little bit better."

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