Using fruit to forecast; cold, wet winter on the way?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's the time-honored method of weather forecasting--observing nature, but there could be some truth to the old wives' tales.

Local nursery owner George Siebert says the forecast is in the fruit.

"They say that if it's spoon-shaped or shovel-shaped, you have a lot of heavy snow coming in--lots of heavy snow."

The long-held tradition stems from the persimmon tree, whose berries ripen during late fall.

"My dad believed that every year he'd get a persimmon and he cut it open."

According to the folklore, if you want to know what the winter has in store...cut the seed from the fruit, split it open and look at the sprout.

"This year the shape in them is spoon shaped."

The spoon means we'll be shoveling our way through heavy snow.

While the knife foretells of being cut by icy, cold wind.

If you see a fork, the upcoming season won't be quite as bad.

"Sometimes the fork and the spoon is a little confusing. But most of the seeds that I've looked at this year shows a big heavy snow."

All this commotion over cutlery.

Nature signals a snowy winter, which is something Siebert is trying to avoid.

"Snow is pretty bad for greenhouses. Gotta make sure you keep that snow off or you'll wake up the next morning with your houses on the ground."

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