New service warns about regrettable posts

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-  A new service makes it easier for college students to avoid posting regrettable tweets, pictures and posts on social media.

A picture or a tweet could haunt a college student for years, especially if they are looking for a job. A new tool called Persona is a social media reputation service that monitors a users social media presence and flags them of any questionable content, pictures and posts.

Most students agreed drinking and party pictures should not go online. They said the wrong tweet or post has the potential to haunt you for years.

"Anything that I have personally done or posted myself, I am not worried cause like I said I am very careful with what I post," said Arkansas State senior, Alejandra Hernandez.

She said a person's online presence says a lot about their character.

"Sometimes I worry that maybe someone has posted something about me or a picture of me that I don't necessarily want on there," she said.

Having fun in college in important but just how much of that "fun" should be posted for the world to see? Some ASU students say there is a line that should never be crossed.

Most students said pictures at parties or pictures drinking should not be shared online. They also agreed that nudity and profanity should also be avoided. One student says he has some pictures on Facebook he is now starting to take down.

"Some pictures in the parties where I might have been drinking or partying or something like that," said sophomore, Ricardo Lategan.

For employers 140 characters has never been so telling. According to a 2013 social recruiting study, 93% of recruiters are likely to look at an applicant's profile before considering them for a position.

"Sometimes I think it's questionable whether it's inappropriate or not so people just leave it up," Hernandez said.

But Hernandez thinks employers should avoid social media altogether.

"I keep my personal life completely separate from my professional and they really interfere much," she said.

Persona has two versions.The text only version scans text across Facebook and Twitter look for key terms to be flagged. The Persona Plus scans pictures.

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