8 Investigates: Stranger Danger

(KAIT) - Don't talk to strangers. Everyparent has said that to their children countless times.

But do they listen? Are they evenold enough to know what that means? And even if they do, sometimes the strangerhas something too tempting to pass up.

Parents have all beenthere-that split second of panic when they lose sight of their children in apublic place. Then, the relief when they're found again.

Every time you hear aboutit on the news, you hear the parent say, "I only looked away for asecond".  As we found out, that isall it takes.

We were watching whenthis man with the cute dog started talking to some trusting kids. In less thana minute, he was headed off to the woods with them.

Mom noticed andintercepted before he could get very far.

This"stranger" was actually Jonesboro police officer Keith Baggett.  He and fellow officer Susan Gray wentundercover for us to find out just how easily and how quickly a child canvanish.  All we gave them was a cutepuppy and the kids came to them.

Hadyn and HollieHuckabee just talked to their 6-year-old daughter Hope about stranger dangertwo weeks ago. But that talk was no match for someone who knew what kids liketo hear.

So what can you do?

First of all, have atalk with your children about stranger danger and have it more than once. Next,put down your phone and limit your own distractions when you are out with yourchildren.

Another idea a lot offamilies use is a password system.  If astranger doesn't know the password, run away and find mom or dad.

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