Nettleton students celebrate service and sacrifice of veterans

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The Nettleton School District honoredthe service and sacrifice of more than a hundred local veterans.

For the third consecutive year, the Raiders Fitness Centerat Nettleton High School hosted a luncheon and ceremony for about 150 veteransand their families.

Students from the junior and senior high school organizedthe event, which allowed them to meet veterans and listen to their stories.

Junior Adam Fry, who helped organize the event, said itincluded more than just a meal.

"We're just doing a candle-lighting ceremony for them forall the branches of the military," Fry said. "There's different presentationsfor them. There's several posters students have made that they'll be welcome totake home once it's over – just support."

Barry Carlton, the high school's American history teacher,said seeing his students and the veterans interact is an invaluable experience.

"As our veterans leave us," Carlton said, "these kids aregoing to be able to pass their stories on, and hopefully 50 years from nowthese veterans' stories are still going to be around."

Carlton said planning for next year's luncheon will beginnext week. The school will likely have to move to a different location, though,because the Raiders Fitness Center has gotten too small for the growing crowds.

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