Craighead County Library Gets an Upgrade

OCTOBER 5, 2004--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--The Craighead County library has gone high tech, and searching for a particular book is now easier than ever.

Card catalogs are nothing more than a page in a history book these days. That's because the Craighead County library spent $161,000 last month to upgrade their computer system. Now the library staff is able to search for books, among other things on the computer.

Library Director Phyllis Burkett says she was ready to give the old system the boot.

"You can only go so long with software till you've got to make a major change," said Burkett.

Library patrons are already taking advantage of those major changes.

"The library has an online system. If you're surfing at home you can check and see if they have books here, or you can get access to the materials and find out about books in various locations. I found out that a book I was looking for was located in a library over in Monette. I was able to place an order for it and pick it up about 2 weeks later," said one library patron.

If you forget what book you have checked out, or when it's due you can find out by jumping onto your PC and logging onto your own personal account. The library also has a new hardware section. There are 13 new public access computers, one of which displays words in spanish. All of these services are free to the public.