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Correction: McBee wire plant dropped from water contamination case

MCBEE, SC (WIS) - A clarification on a water contamination lawsuit out of McBee. We incorrectly reported an element in the lawsuit on Oct. 22. We reported Mar Mac Wire was still a defendant, but we've since learned the Mar Mac company is no longer accused of any chemical contamination there.

One year ago, Alligator Rural water filed a lawsuit, accusing McLeod Farms of contaminating an underground aquifer. The suit also named Mar Mac Wire and accused the company of causing tricholoroethylene to leak into the underground water supply.

In the Mar Mac dismissal order, the judge notes that Alligator Rural Water failed to "plead specific allegations linking" any Mar Mac entity to any of the contamination problems in McBee.

In the August order, the judge gave Alligator Rural Water 60 days to show evidence or to show specific facts about its claims the company contributed to the water contamination.

When the 60 day deadline passed on October 21, Alligator Rural Water did not show any evidence or specific allegations that Mar Mac had anything to do with contaminating the Chesterfield County aquifer.

The lawsuit is still pending for several other defendants, accused of contaminating the water supply around McBee.

The Chesterfield County clerk of court's office tells WIS that McLeod Farms and three chemical companies are still listed as defendants in this case. The clerk's office said the judge has taken the case under advisement. There are no hearings set for this lawsuit as of this report.

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