7 Candidates Square Off in Jonesboro Mayoral Debate

October 6, 2004 -- Posted 9:00 a.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- All 7 of the men hoping to be the next Mayor of Jonesboro squared off in a 2 hour debate on Tuesday night in Jonesboro. The debate was taped live, for rebroadcast this weekend here on KAIT.

The Jonesboro Mayoral debate began with pointed remarks from some of the candidates.

"I entered this race because I felt that a lot of the candidates didn't have a vision for the future," said Candidate Greg Cowles.

"I want to say that ASU will receive an unprecedented amount of support from my administration when I'm in office," said Candidate Travis Moore. "I look forward to opening the door to communication with us in the future."

During this 2 hour debate the candidates took issues from a panel of 4 as well as members of the audience. On the issue of the economy each candidate offered specifics, some backed by facts.

"I want to see Jonesboro in the year 2025 to have a situation where we develop jobs and opportunity to more of our children," said Candidate Dan Pierce.

" We have approximately 25% of the population in Arkansas in Northeast Arkansas region. If we want to get our share of tax dollars, we must work together as a region," said Candidate Paul Bednar.

"If you go to Walmart and look at 100 people, there's a chance that 17 of those 100 people are below the poverty level. I want to make sure that we pursue such things as the abatement program that our existing city council has already begun," said Candidate Butch Herring.

While candidates Formon, Cowles and Rhodes also offered their economic plan for the city, they emphasized their desire to change city hall, by appealing to all social classes.

" I just think the mayor needs to remain reasonable and prudent, and as unbiased as possible," said Candidate Kevin Rhodes. "With my background, I don't have any ties to big business and that would leave me in an unbiased position."

" I want to get rid of the old good ole boy system in Jonesboro," said Candidate Doug Formon. "I fought against it the last couple of years, I don't care if you own a bank or work at a bank, I don't care if you're a doctor or work for a doctor, I will take care of you."

The tape-delayed broadcast of the debate will be Sunday, October 10th at 12 Noon on KAIT.