How to beat the heating bill

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With winter temperatures here to stay for the next few months, you might see a hike in your energy bill, especially for those who heat with electricity.

"Majority of the electric expense in a home is from the heating and cooling, so any adjustments one can make in their thermostat is going to help," said City Water and Light Special Projects Administrator Kevan Inboden.

You don't always have to expect a huge hike in your heating bill when the weather turns colder. A few adjustments around the home can make a big difference.

"Seal your air gaps around windows and doors," said Inboden. "The warm air getting out is a real expense."

A few options for installations can also be made. Paying a little more up front can make for a less expensive bill later.

"A heat pump doesn't really burn a fuel to produce heat," said Inboden. "It actually just moves heat from one place to another."

When you're not at home, programming your thermostat can save energy and your money. However, if you decide to skip out on purchasing a thermostat you can program, it can always be done manually.

"Just turn your thermostat down during the day or maybe when you're gone during the night," said Inboden. "It will help save on your heating and cooling cost."

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