Funding cuts hurting program helping low income with heating bills

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Weatherization Assistance Program at Crowley's Ridge Development Council, is just one of several programs that has been affected by funding cutbacks. WAP is an energy conservation program that helps low income homes save money on their utility bills. Although, there are several people who have been approved, many of them won't be able to receive assistance.

"We have a quota of 60 homes per year, so that breaks it down to five houses a month," said Weatherization Director Kenny Gunn.

Many applicants have been waiting on the list for over a year, but the houses chosen are not picked at random.

"We print of the first page of the waiting list for each county and we start at the top," said Gunn. "We wait until we've contacted five home owners."

Combined all together, over a thousand people wait, hoping to be the next home to receive their assistance.

"We do try and tell them that it may be a long wait," said Gunn. "It could be five to ten years before we actually get to your home."

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