Grand donation made to the Food Bank of NEA

Christie Jordan receiving a $10,000 check for the food bank
Christie Jordan receiving a $10,000 check for the food bank

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The day started out the same as others to Fill the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas with Region 8 coming together, like always, to help feed those less fortunate this holiday season.

Jean Gossett was one of many who stopped by with a donation. Gossett dropped off $50 worth of food and said helping others is just second nature.

"That's just what I want to do," she said. Especially since to Gossett, this subject hits close to home.

"When they were talking about the children being out extra days and that sometimes school is the only good meal they get and I was that child one time," Gossett explained.

Whether it's $50 worth of food or $5, every bit helps.

"Someone came up to me earlier and handed me a couple of cans and said 'we're sorry it can't be more,'" Christie Jordan, Executive Director of the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas said. "But when you think about literally the thousands of people that donate to the food bank every year and they give a couple of cans and it makes a huge difference."

So do monetary donations. But there was one donation that stole the show. While we were interviewing Jordan live on air, we decided to surprise her.

"Today, Christie, I am so excited, on behalf of KAIT, ABC and Disney to present you a donation for... $10,000," GM of KAIT-TV, Tracey Rogers said as she handed the check over to Jordan.

That donation was possible through ABC/Disney, who donated $750,000 to Feeding America. They spilt that money up to food banks throughout the nation and made a commitment to give The Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas $10,000.

Between that incredible donation and the truck loads of food Region 8 raised, Jordan says it'll make the holidays a little brighter for those who need help.

"Any one of us could be one emergency away from needing assistance and so especially at this time of year, at the holidays," Jordan said.

This year, the Food Bank really needs canned goods but will absolutely accept other non-perishable food items and monetary donations.

To donate, you can call the Food Bank at 932-FOOD (3663) or visit their website.

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