KAIT Storm Team Say Thanks to Area Weather Watchers

October 6, 2004--Posted 3:30 pm CDT

Jonesboro, AR--Weather technology has come a long ways in the last ten years, but the KAIT Strom Team and other weather services heavily rely on weather updates "from the scene" by weather spotters and others. In order to say job well done, the KAIT Storm Team held their annual K8 Weather Watcher and Public Servant Luncheon on Wednesday.

"Although a warning may say Doppler Radar indicated tornado we don't know for sure," Little Rock National Weather Serviceman John Robinson says, "that is unless we get a report from a watcher, policeman, or fireman."

Weather watchers don't get paid for their trouble; most seeing the job as community service. They do get the sense of satisfaction though of helping their communities. "It is important to know I am able to identify what is going on in a storm and am able to relay that information on to KAIT in order to save lives." Roger Osborne says. He's been a weather watcher for three years and says he has no intentions of stopping.

If you are interested in becoming a Region 8 Weather Watcher you can contact any of the KAIT Storm Team at 870-931-8888.