No room at the Blytheville Humane Society shelter

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The Blytheville Humane Society is "critically full."

BHS President Pam Ford says more employees, extra work hours and extra donations are making up for the surge of animals.

"We've been no-kill for over two years and we've kept our population down pretty good until the last couple of months, especially the last three weeks. I don't know what happened, but dogs have come in from everywhere, all over the county, in Blytheville."

Ford says the shelter is built to accommodate 45 animals, not the 60 dogs and cats housed at the shelter right now.

The Humane Society staff is looking for foster homes "which means that we pick up all the bills for any kind of veterinary services that the animal needs and we have them spayed and neutered."

The staff is also encouraging people to adopt, but for the right reasons. With the holidays approaching, there is one surge they don't want - people trying to adopt as a gift.

"We will not adopt a pet out as a gift. We've got to talk to the person that is going to have the dog to be sure that they really want a dog," said Ford. "If we find a really good adopter, we're glad to do a two-for-one because every dog needs a dog. Every cat needs a cat. So if you come in and you pick out a dog that you really like, we'll be glad to hook you up with a second dog."

The staff is working around the extra guests so as few as possible have to face the other alternative.

"We do put them on the Blytheville Humane Society Facebook page and we try to get them a foster home, but if that does not work, and since we have no where to put them, we have to give them to the city shelter and they are not no-kill."

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