Police: Credit card fraud victims all ate at Jonesboro restaurant

Suspects' photos (Provided by Jonesboro Police Dept.)
Suspects' photos (Provided by Jonesboro Police Dept.)
Suspects' car (Provided by Jonesboro Police Dept)
Suspects' car (Provided by Jonesboro Police Dept)
Suspects' car (Provided by Jonesboro Police Dept)
Suspects' car (Provided by Jonesboro Police Dept)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Jonesboro police say more than adozen people had their credit card numbers stolen after eating at a localrestaurant.

Thirteen victims have come forward this week to file policereports, claiming their bank cards were compromised. Investigators say thefraud happened after all the victims apparently ate at Kimono Steakhouse onMain Street in Jonesboro.

Detective Jason Simpkins says there are likely even more victimswho don't even know it yet.

"If you've eaten at Jonesboro's Kimono restaurant on Main Streetbetween the dates of October 23 and November 6, you need to check your creditcard statements and your bank statements," he said.

Simpkins says through their investigation, Jonesboro policedetermined the victims all ate at Kimono during that time. They have nowdeveloped a theory, he says, about how all their credit cards got compromised.

"We believe the credit cards have been skimmed," he said. "Inthat process credit cards were cloned, and two suspects went to variousWal-Marts in the area using the victims' information on a cloned credit card."

Police have gotten surveillance footage of the two suspects,described only as Asian men in their mid- to early-20s. Cameras also caught afew grainy images of the men's black car at a local Wal-Mart store. Police say the twohave apparently gone on shopping sprees at several stores across NortheastArkansas.

"They've been to Wal-Marts in Jonesboro and Trumann,Pocahontas, Paragould, Searcy as well as Newport," Simpkins said. "They werepurchasing electronic items, such as iPhones, things of that nature, as well asgift cards."

According to the police reports, the suspects tried to placeat least $400 on each of the gift cards.

"Right now," Simpkins said, "our loss is over $10,000."

Jonesboro police have yet to identify the suspects, but theydo believe the men are from the Jonesboro area.

If any law enforcement agencies have had any similar cases,or if anyone recognizes the suspects involved, please contact Det. MikeBranscum, Det. Vic Brooks or Det. Simpkins with the Jonesboro Police Department'sCriminal Investigation Division at 870-935-6710.

People can also report any useful information by callingJonesboro Crimestoppers at 870-935-STOP.

Region 8 News went to the Kimono Steakhouse on Fridayafternoon to seek comment from the owner, but the restaurant was closed at thattime.

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