Arkansas crops shatter records in 2013

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Another wave of bitterly cold air pushed through Region 8 this week, signaling the end of the 2013 growing season.

Despite frequent rain and cool weather throughout the growing season, Arkansas crops produced record-high yields.

It was a dismal start for corn but the crop finished strong with acreage up 23% from 2012.

Soybean continues to set records for bushels per acre.

Cotton farmers produced the highest average yield since 2004 despite the dwindling amount of cotton fields.

In fact, it's the lowest cotton acreage since 1983 and down 49% from last year.

Most late-planted peanuts are still in the ground.

Randolph County farmer Greg Baltz says peanuts need warm and dry weather during the growing season but that wasn't the case this year.

"The weather doesn't seem to have affected the yields for peanuts. We did spray an extra fungicide on them just to make sure they stayed healthy through the fall, knowing that the ground was wetter than normal."

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