Man who tried to swim away from officers captured hours later

Daniel Yielding (Greene County Sheriff's Department)
Daniel Yielding (Greene County Sheriff's Department)

GREENE COUNTY, AR(KAIT) – A man accused of stealing a vehicle in Greene County was arrestedfollowing a four hour manhunt.

According to theGreene County Sheriff's Department, the theft happened Sunday morning and thesuspect, Daniel Yielding, crashed on Greene County Road 853. He then fled fromauthorities.

Yielding thenjumped off a bridge on Arkansas Highway 412 into the St. Francis River and swamacross the Big Slough Ditch before going into a wooded area.

Captain Patrick Leonard with the Greene County Sheriff'sDepartment said crews searched for him by boat until he was finally found himabout four hours later and arrested.

Yielding faces a number ofcharges including fleeing from officers.

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