Bush, Kerry Preparing For Second Debate Differently

October 7, 2004 -- Posted at 9:40 AM CDT

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Bush warms up for his second campaign debate in Wisconsin today. He's expected to continue attacks that paint a Kerry presidency as dangerous to the nation's economic future and national security.

The revamped speech is part of an effort to blunt Kerry's momentum after the president's lackluster showing in last week's debate. After a rally at a park, he heads to St. Louis -- where tomorrow's debate takes place.

ENGLEWOOD, Colo.(AP) —Democrat John Kerry is spending his day preparing for tomorrow's debate. A campaign spokesman says Kerry is getting comfortable with the give-and-take town-hall style of this debate.

Spokesman Mike McCurry says Kerry has been going through the paces in a hotel ballroom, complete with curtains, television lights, podiums, and the series of lights indicating the remaining time left for a response. Attorney Greg Craig is serving as a stand-in for President Bush.