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Feed the meter with your phone

Khristian Gutierrez Khristian Gutierrez
Norman Fultz Norman Fultz
Tiffany Smith Tiffany Smith

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Have you ever parked your car in downtown lot only to find out you didn't have any money to pay for it? That won't be a problem at some spots in downtown Louisville because you'll never have to get money out of your pocket.  

Louisville Metro rolled out a new app on Monday that allows you to feed the meter at some parking lots with your cell phone. At the current time, there are four parking lots where you can pay to park with the app. The option to pay for meters on the street through the app will not be made available by the city until January 2014. 

Passport Parking makes the software. Customers input their credit card information the first time.  

"They'll see a zone number on the sign," said Khristian Gutierrez with Passport Parking, "you enter that zone number and your space. You're done."  

The city will receive their normal rate for parking. A 25 cent convenience fee to use the app will be paid to Passport Parking. 

Norman Fultz is one driver who thinks the technology is timely.

"Oh I think it'll make it a lot easier to park downtown," said Fultz, "there's no doubt about it."

"It's just a convenience," said Tiffany Smith, Parking Authority assistant director, "and it allows us to continue in our very rapid society by moving and going to your next appointment or meeting and not have to stop."

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