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Louisville BBB issues phishing scam warning

Reanna Smith-Hamblin Reanna Smith-Hamblin

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - No matter how smart you are thieves are always going to test you in an effort to steal your money. We have a warning from the Better Business Bureau about the latest phishing scam going around and why is this one successful.

In this latest version, people get a call from someone claiming to work at Verizon to tell you about a credit on your account. In order to get it, you have to go to a website – a website that asks for personal information.

The BBB says it's because the crooks have been able to stay one step ahead of authorities. Reanna Smith-Hamblin, BBB vice president of communications, says this scam has been shut down before.

They've actually started the scam and then authorities will shut down the fake website and then they'll get another website up and going again," said Smith-Hamblin.

The BBB says you should think about this - there is no reason in the world for Verizon, or any company you have an account with, to request your personal information because they already have it.

The same holds true for the IRS - another name scammers are using to get you to give up your information.

If you ever have any doubt, contact your company using a number you know.

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