Ordinance will allow Wynne homes to be open for business

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)- The city of Wynne will legalize home occupied businesses in all areas starting next month.

Up until now, only homes with a particular property value wereallowed to have home businesses. Whether it'schild care, selling AVON products or giving piano lessons, soon Wynne residents will no longer have to worry aboutthe city finding out.

"If they don'tinfringe on their neighbors we've just kind of looked the other way," said Wynne Mayor Bob Stacy.

But thatwill no longer be necessary once this ordinance goes into effect next month.

"It's anordinance to allow home businesses in residential one and residential two in Wynne," he said.

Mayor Stacysaid up until now only those living in residential three homes were allowed tohave home businesses.

"Theresidential one would be your higher valued homes, your more exclusive neighborhoods.Then R2 is a step down, R3 is a step down," Stacy said.

Stacy saidafter getting several complaints he started digging into ordinances insurrounding cities.

"Low and behold we were the only town that didn'tallow some type of residential businesses in residential 1's and 2's," he said.

Stacy saidthese ordinances are put in place to protect the integrity of the neighborhood.

"The maincomponent is there can be no visible sign, you cannot alter your house inany way, you cant store stuff outside, you cant have an outside shed it has tobe enclosed in your residence," he said.

Stacysaid there will also be an added benefit for the city.

"Hopefullywe will have more revenue come to the city because they are required to have acity license," he said.

Theordinance will be adopted next month after the final reading.

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